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Using the latest in telematics technology, we've designed a range of connected insurance products and delivered an award-winning service that our customers love. At the heart of what we do is rewarding people for being more responsible behind the wheel - so with Carrot, it literally pays to drive safely. For me BPI is an okay Bank , though I don't have an account with them. Due to their machine it's easier to pay bills , deposit and withdraw. We have an account in BDO though , we don't experience the long waiting because we know all the staff in our BDO branch Kaya pwede namin isingit anytime ang transaction namin kapag mahaba Pila. Kaya I can't tell the side of depositors waiting in long line. For me having been on unemployment for nearly 23 full months, my emergency fund has only dropped $1,000 give or take, and I have done very well with this management. If I would have went the route as stated by either those of life insurance companies or by Dave Ramsey, my emergency fund would have been dropped by at least $5,000. Yes, I take on a huge economic risk by employing the strategy I have, but at least, I am more likely to win than I am to lose with it vs. the strategy told to employ by people like Dave Ramsey, I would instantly lose to the inflation risk as those strategies don't even remotely keep up with inflation. For me, I look at it this way. I can live close to where I work, and be far away from everything else. Or I can live close to everything else, and be far away from work. I make exactly 10 one-way trips to/from work, and my out-of-pocket cost is $0, since my employer provides a free shuttle service. (Plus, if I work from home 1-2 days a week, I can reduce that to 6-8 trips.) But by living in the city, I can walk or bus pretty much everywhere, and have no need for a car. For more savings by insurance companies will sometimes result in a different provider. From one site to check the web. Citizens, women, and they get both of them offer to
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