Nursery decor tips to adopt

Nursery school is often a child’s first experience being away from home as well as the introduction into formal education. Decorating the nursery classroom in a warm, welcoming and educational manner is an important step in making each little student’s experience successful. Follow these steps. How to set up a bath toy organizer?


    Cover the bulletin boards. Cover the bulletin boards with brightly colored paper. If there are no boards in the room, create some by covering sections of the wall with bulletin board papers.

    Surround the bulletin boards with colorful borders.

    Fill in one bulletin board with shapes. This board can help you teach shapes.

    Take photos of each student. Print each child’s photo and glue it to construction paper and write the child’s first name underneath. The construction paper can be cut into leaf or apple shapes at the beginning of the school year. Post the photos onto another bulletin board.

    Label the room. Write names of common objects on the construction paper and cut out each word. Tape or staple the labels onto classroom objects.

    Share student work. Use a bulletin board or an empty section of the wall to post artwork from your students. You can use a project that the whole class did or pieces they have done during free time.

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    Create stations. Use your furniture to create sections of the classroom, such as a play house, art space, reading corner, dress up den or nap area.


Buy a convertible crib.

A convertible crib may cost more than some regular models, but these talented transformers are well worth the initial investment. With a few relatively simple adjustments, a convertible crib becomes a charming, toddler-friendly day bed. Add a few spare parts, and what was once a crib transforms into a full-size, adult bed, taking your little one from cradle to college and beyond.

While some manufacturers will include all the hardware and accessories necessary for conversion, others will require you to buy additional pieces separately, so be sure to factor in any extra costs up front.

If you do need to purchase parts, buy them as soon as possible. It may be tempting to save your money until baby is ready for an upgrade, but it’s hard to say whether or not the parts you need will be available in the future. Don’t sabotage an otherwise budget-savvy investment.

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Resist the urge to buy baby bedding.

Crib bedding is the biggest racket in the baby business, with some sets costing upward of $200. (That’s enough to buy a whole crib!) What’s more, they’re dangerous. Despite their popularity and widespread availability, crib blankets, bumpers and pillows pose a risk of suffocation and should never be used in a crib. Alternative bumpers and other so-called “safety products”, like sleep positioners and wedges, may also put your little one at risk. You don’t need them.

All your baby really needs to be safe and comfortable is a firm, well-fitting mattress, a thin, waterproof mattress cover and a few changes of sheets. Worried about cold weather? A safety-approved sleep sack or swaddle wrap is more than enough to keep your little dreamer warm and cozy.


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