Fishing Report

Walleye and pike fishing continue to be good to excellent on Devils Lake while perch fishing remains spotty. Perch fishing in Cedarville Bay is fair, and bass fishing remains good. Fishing on Devils Lake continues to be fairly good for walleyes and pike, but remains slow for perch. Anglers have been staying to the area between Black Bay and Cranberry Bay, primarily because the fishing has been good. Lake Irvin continues to be good for walleyes, pike, and a few large perch. Flounder fishing has been very good in the back bay areas behind Ocean City and Assateague Island.

Most of the guides have been reporting having a couple good days and then a slow day and then back to good days. For the past 10 days the fishing has been very consistent but for over the past 3 days it has tailed off. The fishing at Lockport has been pretty slow past couple of days. Bass fishing has been good some days and difficult if not impossible other days. The fishing has been great for the most part with a couple of slow days mixed in. The Redfish and Trout are still doing very well, and despite some very windy conditions the fishing has been pretty darn good.

Most fish are being caught in deeper water on the main lake. Riffles are areas of river where the water transitions from very shallow to slowly deeper water. Most of the fish caught are coming from the trees, and some quality fish are coming from the trees as well. There are some better quality fish out deep on points biting particularly well when the dam is generating water. Shallow dark water lakes are turning on faster than the deeper clear water lakes. A few jig fish are starting to show up on the deeper rocks.

Over the past weekend several nice fish were caught by lucky anglers. Great numbers for Browns, Rainbows and Brooks are being caught with plenty of Good size fish. Most of the fish were smaller but boat anglers did catch some very nice bluegills, yellow perch and crappie. The size of the crappies being caught is making up for the small numbers that most are catching. Anglers caught some nice fish when the bugs do come off. The French continues to see modest numbers of fishermen and fish being seen and caught.

Fishing has been good for largemouth bass in area lakes. The lakes usually have largemouth bass and bluegills available, as well. Anglers are catching white bass, hybrid striped bass, and a few other species. The largemouth bass is available to more anglers than any other species of fish, and is unarguably the most popular single species of sportfish in the United States. Spotted bass are few in numbers, but provide a unique fishery. Fishing has been up and down lately particularly for largemouth bass.

Water temperatures were 80 degrees or warmer throughout the region and clean blue water was found close to shore. With water temperatures a chilly 40 degrees on the bottom and 42 degrees on the surface the trout are staying in shallower water that warms in the sunlight. Lake Mille Lacs remains cold, with surface water temperatures just beginning to creep into the low 50’s. The lake really needs some weather to churn up the water and mix some of the cold and warmer water again. The water temperatures have gone from 44 degrees to 50 degrees in 6 days. The water temps are back down in the middle 60’s, some places a little cooler, some places a bit warmer.

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