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In fact, if you are an existing customer with more than one car in your household insured with Sainsbury’s car insurance, you could now save 10% with our Multi Car Discount.


Anyway, sorry you had to go through that. I feel furious na parang minaliit nya yung kakayahan mo and your intelligence. And either way, no matter what he says about not being convinced about your explanation, it’s none of his business. Wala namang nakalagay na clause regarding the validity of one’s reason to cancel. You should’ve taken a recorder or a video from your phone and ask him to repeat what he said. I’m sure he’ll have second thoughts about saying it again.

Anyway, the solution is finding flexible policies that either provide short term insurance to release an impounded car, or annual policies if the driver intends on keeping the vehicle and staying on the road. The good news is there are insurers out there that see the bigger picture and offer fair-priced insurance. Through our market knowledge we know all of them and have relationships in place that guarantee you the best rates!

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Apart from asking can I get car insurance without a deposit, people also ask where to get the auto insurance without making any down payment. The best option is to start the search with some general insurance companies that offer auto insurance. These companies will be able to inform you, can you get car insurance without a deposit or not. Besides, these companies can also offer you the details of those insurance providers, who will offer you no deposit auto insurance for a good price.

Apart from that, the safety features are also viewed very strongly, the more enhanced the ѕafety features, the lеsser is the premium. Deductibles The amount of money you pay before your insurance cοmƿany will рay for compensation. The majority of people tɦink car insurance rаtes for young ԁriνers will drastically decrease аs soon as tɦey turn twenty-five. Ɗeductibles amount out of pocket costs you will pay if ʏou are in an acciԀent. Vehicle oѡners feel very secure with State Farm, which, ovеr the years, has increased its customer base to nearly 50 million.


Apathy certainly does hit the wallet. My last renewal quote was 550, down slightly on the previous year but not enough considering I’d gained an extra year’s NCB. I’d been with them 2 years. Tried online with a well-known comparison site and was quoted 380 as the cheapest but with a high excess. Then went to an insurer recommended by a friend and it fell to 345 with a normal excess. My wife has achieved similar savings over the last few years. If the companies want to sting loyalty, then there is only one solution…. !!

Apparently, the member of staff in the insurance claims department who told me my premium would be unaffected must have meant my existing premium, not my renewal premium. Admiral has since told me not all of the rise was due to the claim: some of it is a reflection of the fact I haggled my insurance premium down by 100 last year. I tried the same this time and was told they could only reduce it by about 30.

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