Rhinoplasty NYC

Rhinoplasty is an ideal choice for patients who have a large bump or prominent tip, or those who have aesthetic or functional problems caused by injury. Finally, the best Rhinoplasty surgeon will be a doctor who agrees with your sense of aesthetics. Rhinoplasty can be performed once the nose stops growing; for most adolescents that means 15 for girls and 16 for boys. Additionally, bromelain can be used post-surgically to reduce swelling and pain, speeding recovery.

Dr. Lamperti has performed thousands of nasal surgeries, ranging from the reconstruction of noses destroyed by trauma or disease to complex revision rhinoplasty cases related to multiple previous surgeries. All of this was done while still maintaining her unique individuality and while bearing in mind the various challenges Rhinoplasty in Latino patients present- thicker skin and softer cartilage.

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